Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Simply Pretty Mother's Day Table

First came love, then came marriage…now let's honour the ones who push the baby carriage.

Usually men don’t organize parties (although I have a friend who’s husband loves to organize parties, so he’s a rare breed...but I digress)…so when Mother’s Day comes up, my husband usually takes care of details like what we're going to eat (usually BBQ if the weather is nice), but decorating the house “pretty” isn’t usually top of mind (and no, vacuuming and re-arranging chairs does not constitute decorating for a party).

When we hosted a Mother's Day get together at our house last year…the night before everyone was to arrive, I was in search for a quick table centerpiece.  As I was putting together little gifts for the Moms, I thought, why not put flowers in a gift bag like it's a vase?

I like that it’s easy to coordinate the colour to a party theme, table cloth or the flowers.  And it costs almost nothing.  And it looks cute on the table, with not a lot of effort.

Pretty simple.  Simply pretty. 

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