Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple Shoelaces

Spring seems to have finally arrived, and the heavy winter jackets and boots are being stored or donated for the next year.  Old winter boots need to be replaced with "outdoor shoes" at school.

One of the parents at my kid's school complained that she had to buy two shoes for this spring/summer for her kindergarten daughter.  One with velcro, so her daughter can put her shoes on for recess, and another one with shoelaces for when she eventually learns how to tie her shoes.  

My daughter is also still learning to tie her shoes.  However, as much of a shoe fanatic we both are, I am NOT buying two runners to be worn just for the next three months.  So instead, I found these great athletic bungee laces (found in athletic stores…used by those who run marathons!) which turn ordinary lace up shoes into slip ons.

I love that I don’t have to buy two shoes while she’s learning to tie her shoelaces up.  In the interim, she’d still be able to put her shoes on at school, and when she’s ready to use the laces, I can replace these athletic bungy ones for the real deal.


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