Friday, May 13, 2011

Simply Good(will) Table

On weekends, my husband and I try to catch up on our reading. Whether we're reading an article online, or leafing through flyers (me) in preparation for the next week, we try to relax in our sitting room.  However, we're big coffee drinkers, and had no where to put our morning fuel.

When I dropped off our usual spring donations at the local Goodwill, a little table in the store caught my eye.  For $5, I had to get it.  (You can't even buy the wood for that much... and the money goes to a good cause, so it's definitely win-win!).

I love the lines of this table.  So simple and classic, with good bones (it is very sturdy).  However, it definitely needed a little "polish". 

I am hoping to refinish it this weekend, so it looks like the Crate and Barrel one (albeit, the C&B one is MUCH larger...and $600!!!), here:

More pictures of my progress to follow...

Now...stay tuned!

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