Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simple Mail Sorter

I've noticed in many interior design magazines, that it is quite trendy to use antique toast racks to use as “mail sorting racks” in their home.

Here’s a real antique one found in the UK.  Note that it is £44.00 (or about $88...that must be some kind of bread!)
Toast rack from Steptoes Antiques

Since I’m using this for mail, I wanted one that was less expensive.  I found a scuffed up stainless steel version (i.e. NOT antique) at Talize, a thrift store that sells mostly clothes, but also sells household “knick knacks”. This has simple lines, and for $2, it will suffice to sort our mail.

I spray painted it a champagne bronze colour (mostly as a test...i'd love to use this colour on legs of an oval glass table...very french art deco!), and now it has a subtle look of an antique (and since it was so inexpensive, I would have no qualms re-painting this a different colour in the future, to match my ever changing home d├ęcor).
I used Krylon's Brushed Metallic spray paint
in "Champagne Nouveau" in Satin finish.
Found at Canadian Tire or Michaels for about $6
I do covet a real antique toast rack for our dream home/cottage someday, to actually use for toast (I can imagine using it at a pretty brunch…it would look so pretty on a marble countertop, wouldn’t it?), but that would be for another day.

Now….I’ll toast to that! 

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