Friday, May 27, 2011

Simple De(light)

Although our sitting room gets lots of sunlight (we sometimes call this the “sunroom”), we still needed a little table lamp when we enjoy the room in the evening.

I love the Robert Alley Doughnut lamp at Macys, but $435 (not including shipping, taxes and duty) for a little table lamp is pretty pricey.

I’ve been told that Restore is a little place that interior designers love to visit.  There is a treasure trove of new and antique type things (amongst the dingy as well).  Because the money goes to Habitat for Humanity, many local retailers donate their end of lines, and you can find some really great deals.

So, I found this lamp at my local Restore.  It only cost $30 (including tax!).  And the money went to charity, so more guilt-free shopping!!!
Using dish soap and a damp cloth was
the easy solution to clean this lampshade 

With a little spray paint (or maybe not…I'm still contemplating about painting it completely black, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze), a little clean up of the lamp, and fabric edging on the lampshade edging (to cover a little dent), this would look fabulous!

Now...hoping to shed some light...stay tuned!

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