Monday, May 09, 2011

Simple Momentos

This isn’t too much of a DIY project, but while we were at dinner with a few friends of ours, they had inquired about the MacBook that I am currently using.

Although I feel that PC’s are more intuitive for business users (for graphs, powerpoint presentations, excel sheets etc.), I do like the ease of use of the MAC for creative projects.

One program that is available (and works easily) on both PC’s and MAC’s is Google’s Picasa program.  There is a “quick hit” function within the Picasa program that allows you to create collages.  I have found creating collages have made sharing photographs (real ones to frame, not on photo sharing sites) really easy and creative to do.   They're especially great for cards, or for travel "souvenirs" (sometimes I think it's better to give photos than those little souvenirs from gift shops).  And you don't need to be a designer to create these.  Here’s some samples of what I’ve done in the past…it doesn’t take long to create (for me, the longest process is actually choosing which photos go on the cards). 

Christmas & Holiday cards:

Travel Momentos:

Simply memorable.

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