Monday, May 30, 2011

Simple Curb Appeal

"Vista Red Salvia"

Now that Victoria Day has passed us, it's time to look at our outdoor spaces. Gardeners say it's best to plant flowers after May 24 to avoid frost.  When it comes to gardens, I’m pretty low key.  I like flowers that are hardy, simple and easy to maintain (i.e. just add water).

For that reason, I’ve always leaned towards perennials. However, I’m experimenting with colour, so this year, so I bought annuals…if I like the red, I’ll purchase red perennials next year in place of these ones.

We also have beautiful cast iron urns on our front porch…incredibly adaptable...just add whatever is in season.  

I find the easiest way to dress up the front porch, without planting and arranging flowers in pots is to purchase hanging baskets.

These were 2 for $25 at Loblaws or Superstore
These fit perfectly in the urns, and usually only need watering.  Just remove the hanging part (some can come undone, some need to be cut).

Perfect!  And so easy.  (Now I hope planting the annuals will be just as easy…)

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