Monday, August 01, 2011

Where art thou: Reusing old frames

To fill a blank wall, I was thinking of doing an art gallery style display.  As our tastes have evolved, so has our collection of picture frames (for home and office).  
I was tempted to purchase 6 Ribba frames from Ikea (only $20 each), but we had a bin FULL of various sized old frames.

Without all those old frames going to waste, I arranged them on the floor to give me an idea of what it would look like on the wall. As long as there is something similar amongst the group (either all the frames are the same colour, size, shape), it would make a unified and cohesive look on the wall.

Although all the frames are different shapes and frame sizes, I spray painted 5 of them with the left over paint I had from a previous project (Krylon's “Champagne Nouveau"), and the remaining 3 frames in white (Krylon's "Satin White" in semi-gloss).

It's amazing what a $5 spray paint can do. However, now that I have “new” old frames, I have to find or create some art to fill them.  

To start, I found lovely scrapbook paper from Michaels that fit the colour scheme of the room. I will use these either on their own (I found a damask one that is quite pretty)...

...or use them as a backdrop for a treasured object, like this shell from our travels.

More art to find...*sigh*, my work is never done...

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