Friday, August 12, 2011

bench pressed

I've finally mustered the courage to replace the fabric on the bed bench in our master bedroom.  It was originally green, which didn't go with our grey colour scheme. We spent significantly more money on it this bench (it's an antique) so I was apprehensive.

Now that I've discovered recovering fabric is quite easy (I used my chair transformation as my trial and error test) I am ready to tackle the next step...the bench (at some point, I will gain the courage to recover all 8 of my antique dining chairs!) .  I was looking for a dark grey fabric (top photo), with a delicate detailed stripe (bottom photo)...the Kravet fabrics below range from $80-400/yard!

Calvin Klein's Satillo Graphite for Kravet Fabrics

Barbara Barry's Lucky Knots Quartzite for Kravet Fabrics

I found a great fabric that worked with the room, and reminiscent of the two fabrics combined above (believe it or not, it is a table cloth I found in the clearance section at Winners for $10).
This is actually a tablecloth found in the clearance section of
Winners (same as Marshalls in the US) for a mere $10.

So I took a chance with this beautiful and simply detailed tablecloth, and re-covered the's what I did..

Removed the cushioned seat top
by unscrewing it from the bottom

Cut the fabric approximately 1-2 inches larger than the cushion.

With the patterned side down, using a staple gun 
(and upholstery staples), staple the centre of the 
fabric on each four sides. Work your way 
from the centre towards the corners.

Tuck the corners, like you're gift wrapping.

Re-attach the cushion top to the bench.

Here's the before and after:

Green fabric

Silvery Grey fabric works with the Trellis bedding

Now it look like it belongs in the room.

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