Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sitting still for s'mores

I think as a a culture, we have learned to keep moving.  That in order to succeed, you must keep doing things and getting stuff.  And in order for your children to succeed, they must be shuttled to a million activities…sports games and practices, music lessons, social activities.  But I am beginning to wonder if that kind of mentality has created a selfish culture that does what they want, without listening to others.  A society that has such short attention spans, that they must be doing something to be entertained.  That someone has to predetermine, sign them up and make the decision for the kids to make them happy and busy, instead of letting them figure out themselves, the answer to “I’m bored!”   I wonder if the children of today learned how to just sit still.

When we stay at the cottage, we usually have a bonfire and make s’mores (and not one from those pre-created kits at the store…really???).  All you can hear is the crackling of the kindling, the fire roaring and the occasional spark of the wood.  The smells of woodsy undertones mixed with the sweet marshmallows is an irreplaceable scent.  Along with this, is the act of roasting the marshmallow.  Sitting still, carefully placing the white fluff of sweetness just in the right spot…not in the fire, but just over the hot coals.  This takes patience…both waiting for the fire to create enough hot coals, as well as waiting for the marshmallow to turn a caramelized tan colour.

It is the act of the roast, the sitting and respecting the flames, feeling the heat on your skin, as you sit.  Being patient.  Being quiet.  Just listening.

I think we all need to make s'mores more often.

S'Mores Recipe
Graham crackers
Chocolate bar (Jersey Milk bars melt nicely).

Place marshmallow on stick over fire.  Put roasted goodness on graham cracker.  Put chocolate piece on top.  Sandwich between another graham cracker.  Sit still.  Eat.  Enjoy.

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  1. This was beautiful! I teach high school and am seeing the results of our fast-paced society. Patience really is a virtue, and with all the technology these days and with everything we have available at our fingers, it's getting harder and harder to just wait and be still.

    Thanks for the reminder to eat s'mores. :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Patience really is a virtue!

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