Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Where art thou: Map it out

Samuel Lewis The Traveller's Guide circa 1819
I've always loved antique architectural prints or maps.  There is something so beautiful about the story behind them, and the sepia toned paper feels so rich with history. Unfortunately finding antique maps is not an easy task (nor is it easy on the wallet...the one above is $9500!). 

I found a "faux" antique map above, found at Homesense (Cdn)/Homegoods (US) for about $180. Better than $9500! However, I can still do better...and I dug through my collection of old local maps from my travels.  Some of them are free (all you have to do is contact the local travel guides created by the municipality you're visiting, and one would be sent to you!).  

Using this lovely paint (Folk Art's "Metallic Taupe", found at Michaels or your local craft store), I carefully "antiqued" one of my maps.

First I found a map that had light colours.

Diluted some paint (so it's the same consistency as watercolour paint)
Make sure you add water, to give it a watery
consistency.  This is important, so the map
can show through the paint.

Gently paint the map
Starting from the outside and working your way in allows the paint
to thin itself out, so all the paint doesn't accumulate on at one spot.

And a "new" old map is created

Similar in tone to the antique...but by using a map that had significance (using our local town map, showing the towns of our parents, cottage, etc.), this has more special meaning.  

And that is priceless.

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