Friday, August 26, 2011

that's amore

As you've seen this past week, my husband and I toured France, Spain and Italy for our honeymoon. It was an amazingly unforgettable experience, and it was wonderful to experience it as the beginning of our marraige together.

When we reminisce with our friends about this wonderful European experience, we are often asked, of all the places we visited, which was our favorite?

Sardinia, Italy.  

The quaint island just off the coast of Italy, both rustic with cliffs and mountains, had the most beautiful beaches in the world (crystal clear water for miles).  We always said if we ever went back, that’s where we’d go.

{source:  Sardinia Beaches}

And here's a luxurious place to stay in Sardinia.

Cheers to our anniversary…and to all the places we'll go!

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