Friday, August 05, 2011

Where art thou: The Artist in You

The de-rigeur style of the moment are graphic designs.  But like anything, trends come and go.  With so many frames to fill, I thought i'd create my own art that echo some of these trends, and when trends evolve, so can the art on my wall.  Two big trends right now are...

The Chevron pattern
Schumacher's High Voltage Fabric in "Smoke"

Circle art.
Lourdez Sanchez Wall Art from West Elm

Here's my artistic interpretation.

The Chevron

I bought an 8x10 artist canvas cardboard and measured (and measured again!) the page in half, then half again. I created "v"'s, and it ended looking like this.

You can get 8x10 cardboard backed canvas at the dollar
store or Michaels craft stores.

Using painters tape, I covered what I wanted white.  With help from the little hands of my associates, painted the main chevron in grey.
The craft paint was purchased at the
dollar store too, called "Silver Mist"

Waited an hour (I did the Circle art, below during the wait time), then painted the rest in white (you could leave it the canvas colour, but I thought painting it white made the painting look more complete)

The Circle Art

Using the same grey paint from the above art, using another 8x10 canvas board, lightly penciled where I wanted the circles to be on the page, using plastic drinking cups.

Placing the cup on the each of the circles, my associate's little hands then lightly painted around the cups with the paint.  

The faintness of the paint (I used very little paint, mostly whatever was remaining in the paint pot) made this more interesting, and I love the result.

Here’s the new completed picture gallery.

So fu
n to do, like I doing arts and crafts back in school.  A work of art.  (maybe more work than art, but easy enough for a child to participate).  

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