Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simple Easter cupcakes

I had a recent request from a friend to provide a quick and easy idea to decorate plain chocolate cupcakes for Easter.   As I am sitting watching the kids paint their Easter eggs this morning, I came across this old photograph of bunny cupcakes I made last year, so I thought I’d share.  You can make these using pre-made cupcakes and store-bought frosting, or my homemade cupcake and icing recipes (found here)

The way I decorated my cupcakes might be a little more time consuming, as I baked sugar cookies for the bunny ears.  But I figured,  if I am going to bake, I might as well bake cupcakes and cookies at the same time! (I was baking for two crowds).  An easier alternative would be using vanilla Oreo cookies cut in half for the ears (instead of the sugar cookies I baked).

Once the cupcakes are iced with simple buttercream frosting, I added a little cocoa powder to what was left over from the butter cream frosting, then piped the eyes and whiskers.  I used mini candy coated chocolate eggs for the nose.

Fairly simple…and a big hit with the kids!


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  1. Brilliant !!! We are going to try to make these this weekend :) thanks!


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