Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Butterfly (Costumes, Part 1)

My kids are in the school musical, and they are assigned to be a bug/insect of their choosing.  

I turned this into a project for a rainy day (which we’ve had quite a few lately), and this was a great opportunity to do an easy arts and crafts project that got the kids involved with their own costumes, made their costumes unique, and inspired them to be creative and take pride in their work and participation with the school musical.

Since my daughter loves all things fairy,  the butterfly was the natural choice.  This is how we made the butterfly costume:

Using one of her fairy dolls as a model, 
I outlined and cut the wings on foam core 
(found at the local dollar store):

I provided paint, glue, glitter, sequins etc., and let her go all out:

We glued some fuzzy yarn along the edges
 to make the wings appear soft:

Cut a few holes in the center (positioned so she can sit easily).
Put elastic bands in the holes and made 
shoulder/arm bands so her arms can go through:

Added pipe cleaners and ribbon to a pretty black headband and 
ended up with...a Beautiful Butterfly:

Simply creative.

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