Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Beauty

I ran into an acquaintance in the organic section of our local grocery store, and she was pondering a few facial product selections, and was overwhelmed with all the expensive products.  I mentioned that I use Cetaphil, a highly recommended dermatologist facial cleanser that is very gentle for the skin (her skin is very sensitive to chemicals).

She said her dermatologist recommended that same cleanser that I use, so she asked me what I use as a moisturizer. 

Now, I’m no beauty queen or skin expert, but I have been blessed with good genes (both my mother and my recently-passed grandmother have always looked “ageless”)…and their facial care was very simple…never wear makeup to bed, always wear any moisturizer (they used off the shelf Nivea cream!) at night, and wear sunscreen or a hat during the day. Drink lots of water.  No need for expensive fancy creams…as long as it made your skin FEEL soft, that was good enough.  (Vitamin E capsules, Almond, Sesame or Coconut oil worked too!).

When I worked on film sets, I also remember peeking into the makeup bags of the "talent" (industry speak for actors and actresses),
and although they've been gifted with many expensive beauty products (usually by companies who are looking for endorsements), the number one thing they did to stay looking fresh was to drink lots of water!  Start from the inside out.

So, that’s what I said.  Sometimes the most simple items (if you can eat it, you can put it on your face) works best.


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