Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now...Along came a Spider (Costumes, Part 2)

My son originally wanted to be a scorpion for the school musical, but for fear of looking like a large lobster, he decided to be a spider instead.  However, with so many boys wanting to be a spider, he had a specific design in he can be less "ordinary".  So he looked up on the internet, the anatomy of a spider to get costume ideas.  

Here’s what we did, which is a combination of many other types of costumes of other bugs, combined to be this.

For the eyes, we cut styrofoam balls (found at the dollar store), 
and cut them in half:

My son painted the styrofoam balls,  then attached green sequins to make it appear more 3D.  

We the attached the chelicera (kind of like fangs) which were cut and painted out of cardboard.  We attached the eyes and fangs to an old black hat. We then added the headband with the black pipe cleaners (for the Pedipalp or “feelers” of the spider):

For the legs, sewed black stockings filled with batting cotton to a black shirt:

For the tail/abdomen, cut a black garbage bag and filled it with other plastic bags.  My son created the "spinner"detailing with black construction paper.  We attached the whole thing with electric tape (I ran out of black electric tape, so I used black hockey tape):

Now...we have a Spider!

Simply fun!

For more information on the anatomy of spiders, we referenced this diagram when making the costume:  Link 

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  1. That's an awesome spider costume!! I love that your son did some research so that his look would be "less ordinary". The green eyes are amazing. How fun!


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