Monday, May 14, 2012

food revolution under the berry tree

I often steam Edamame for my kids, as it's a really great, nutritious appetizer or snack after school.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl, around 7 or so, eating raw snow peas and fresh fruit off the tree at my neighbours house.

I loved visiting my childhood neighbour especially in the summer. They grew so many vegetables and fruit trees in their garden, and now I wish I had a backyard filled with various fruit trees, vegetables and of course, rows of beautiful rose trees for a beautiful summer soiree.

My dear neighbour also grew blackberry, raspberry and blueberry trees.  Usually in the summer, her daughter and I would lie under the blackberry or raspberry tree, telling each other crazy school stories (we were the same age, but went to different schools), while we would look up into the tree, plucking sweet ripe blackberries right off the branches, enjoying the fresh delictable juices.

Her mother would often yell out the window, telling us not to eat too many blackberries...we'd often respond with a "we're not!"...and she'd later find us, practically passed out with over-filled bellies.  It must have been a sight to see...two little girls with blood like blackberry juice all over their faces and white summer shirts, lying under a tree!

That was one of the many activities in the summer that shaped the way I viewed and yearned for the taste of fresh fruit.  There is something to be said about eating right off the tree.  In your own garden. It's knowing where the food came from.  It's knowing that there aren't pesticides in the food, chemicals or "pink slime".  And honestly, nothing tasted sweeter or better! 

Now I take my kids to the farmers market or local farms to pick strawberries, apples and other fresh fruit. Unfortunately because of our seasons, we can only go during the warm seasons, but we do our best to at least go once the weather warms up.  And when we don't, I try to purchase as much organic as possible.

This Saturday, May 19th is Food Revolution Day. Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has invited hundreds of thousands of people to take a stand on the foods we eat, and ensure that the food that we and our children consume are as natural and healthy as possible.  And as much as we love to indulge in all kinds of desserts and foods, the one common denominator is it's made of whole ingredients.  That the ingredients used are in as pure of a form as possible.  At least no additional colour, flavour or preservatives.

Join the conversation...and eat well!

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