Wednesday, May 02, 2012

clean up act


I've noticed that there are more and more luxuriously designed laundry rooms.  Much like the spa bathroom, I think people are now focusing on making that room a little more appealing since so much time is spent there doing that "dreaded chore" (laundry is my achilles heel!).

Since I'm trying to enjoy doing the chores that I despise, I've started to re-look at our laundry area to find ways to make it more appealing...maybe it would make doing that chore a little easier.

Here are a few beautiful laundry rooms that I've been looking at.  There's some interesting designs that make the room functional as well as beautiful.

I like how the machines are hidden behind cabinets.

The bead board softens the look of the wall here.  Simple brackets and open shelving with baskets make things easily accessible.


The stainless steel backsplash and cabinets gives this room just enough "bling", and it's still easy to clean and maintain. 


If I had an actual laundry room, I like the idea of shelves that hold laundry baskets like this. 


We'll see how I feel about laundry after I've worked some design magic with ours.  Although maybe I should re-think our closet instead, to be like this...


Now wouldn't that be clever? ;)

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