Monday, February 06, 2012

the art in life

As I seek balance and quiet simplicity in our lives, I sometimes just sit and take in the beauty of nature and the simple things that surround us.  Clouds.  Flowers.  Fruit on the counter.  Especially in the winter light where the sunlight is crisp, my surroundings seem very still, and I can focus and take that perfect photograph.  Capturing all the intricate details and textures.  When I look back at the photographs I've taken, it evokes a type of sensory memory (the way you'd smell freshly baked cookies and think of Mom) or a sense of calm.  

I love how nature can be inspiration for how we can recreate those feelings in our homes.  For me, it's the colour of a room that sets the tone for how it should make you feel, and hopefully evokes a wonderful childhood memory or create a sense of calm.  I don't necessarily follow the latest design trends, but instead use a simple approach, using nature as inspiration to  create a classic home as a backdrop for creating beautiful memories. Here's how I've used nature to inspire our current home, and some samples of how colour in a room can evoke emotions.

White roses (or roses in general) are always classically beautiful. Taking a cue from the various shades inspired by this rose photo, you can see how white with platinum/mink, silver and grey tones were used in our home, making it elegant and classic. (The paint shown are from the Sherwin Williams "Chip It" app).

Every time I see the vibrant pink in this photo (a dahlia flower from last year's garden), it evokes a playful memory...pretty in pink tea parties when I was a little girl.  When you take the pink to inspire colour into a room, you can see how the colour makes a room feel vibrant and playful.  
This is the $1000/night Eloise suite at The Plaza,
designed by whimsical fashion designer, Betsey Johnson

Some of our our most beautiful family moments happened near white sand and turquoise water, and this photo represents that relaxed, vacation feeling.  When using beach inspired colours, you can see how it makes a room feel calm.  A place where a family can relax.
This was photographed during our visit to Turks & Caicos
Room designed by Victoria Hagan

I particularly love this last inspirational photo...I hope that the art of nature will translate into our own future (dream) recreational residence, a place where we will always feel calm and relaxed.

And I hope you too, discover the art in life.

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