Wednesday, February 08, 2012

in vogue

Givenchy sketches of Madonna's Super Bowl costumes {source}

A lot was said this past week, about Madonna's halt time performance at The Super Bowl.  Twitter went off the charts during her performance (it apparently was the second highest twitter traffic that night, second to the end of the game).

I hate to admit this, but I've seen almost all the Madonna concerts (pre-Guy Ritchie) so for me, I wasn't as impressed as my friends were with her show (although I was impressed with the gorgeous Givenchy costumes and Philip Treacy hats...I loved that!).  Although the dramatics of the show was the best one I've seen for a football game, it seemed like she needed Nicky Minaj and LMFAO to help her appear relevant.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

However, one thing that is typical Madonna is her ability to be on the pulse of trends.  She might not be the trail blazing trend setter she was in the 80's and 90's, but she still knows when to spot it and flaunt it.  During her performance, she wore black and gold, the au courant colours that harken back to the era of opulence.  Her choice of Givenchy were also a throw back to an era that also heralded old world wealth and power.  A time when, the famed interior designer, Dorothy Draper was the doyenne of good taste and design.

This is the Greenbrier Hotel's Victoria Room, designed by
Dorothy Draper, one of the most photographed hotel rooms in history.
This "EspaƱa Bunching Chest" is one of the hottest pieces of furniture to acquire (or DIY copy)
in the home decor industry right now.  Dorothy Draper was commissioned by the Spanish government
 to design this to raise the profile of Spanish design internationally.

You can see how modern interior designers are using this aesthetic right now, with plenty of gold and dramatic black.


Designed by David Jimenez

So although the economy is still going through difficult times, as Clint Eastwood said in Chrysler's Super Bowl ad (you can see it here), "our 2nd half is about to begin"...and we just might see more gold in our future.

And even if we only see the gold in aesthetic terms, like in fashion or furniture...Madonna, I tip my (Philip Treacy) hat to you, for still being, in vogue.

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