Wednesday, May 28, 2014

little miss sunshine

"It looks like our tree just dyed it's hair pink last night!"

Our daughter has the funniest way of looking at things.  Her imagination is so vivid that often we feel like we're cartoon characters living out a fantasy script.  

Every year for a brief week or so, our cherry blossom tree suddenly blooms almost overnight to this vibrantly pink hue. Then the pretty pink petals make a mess are blown in the wind as a sign that warm weather has finally arrived. It's amazing how time was only ten weeks ago when this tree was snow covered during March Break.

Shortly after March Break, we received a wonderful package of non-toxic nail polish from Suncoat to review, and inspired by nature's beauty, our daughter finally wanted to try out the pink nail polish this past weekend.

I think her initial hesitation came from her experience with "makeup" when she had the princess makeover at Disney.  Although she enjoys all the whimsical magic of playing dress up, she really is true to who she is and would rather wear a superhero costume accessorized with sparkles in her hair and cool nail polish, instead of being just a princess.

One of the few cosmetic related products that she is willing to try (and that I will allow at her young age) is nail polish.  Nail polish doesn't "transform" or "makeover" her existing, beautifully natural look and is not a lot different than putting on a bracelet or hair's an accessory that highlights and compliments your beauty. However, finding nail polish that is safe and non toxic was a task in itself.

Knowing what dangerous chemicals are in regular nail polish, not only was my daughter thrilled that there were no strong scents (that have turned her off in the past), but I finally felt comfortable letting her wear it, knowing that Suncoat (Girl) natural nail polish is water-based, odourless, 100% VOC free (chemical solvent free: no toluene, formaldehyde, phthalate plasticizer, acetates, alcohol, acetone) and peels off when ready.  (which is great for remover is needed). Eco-friendly and not tested on animals too!

I always tell her that she is beautiful on the inside, so it's best to not mask that with unnatural makeup, and just let the natural shine of her still come through. After she put on the Suncoat nail polish, she smiled and modelled her pink nails in front of our window overlooking our pink tree.

The sun shined brightly that afternoon, showing the beautiful pink hues of our tree...

...and showing the natural beauty of our little girl.

{DisclaimerThank you to Suncoat Girl for providing the nail polishes for review. Opinions and images are my own. For more information please visit

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  1. what a pretty baby you got! she's adorable! little! :)


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