Friday, May 02, 2014

bringing curly back

When my daughter was just a toddler, I let her hair grow long…it was unspoiled, natural and so beautiful.  So when she had that “first haircut” just before starting school, although it was a cherished "first" memory, we lost a little something that day...her glorious, long spiral curls! (we see hints of it’s return every time we go to a beach...she naturally gets those gorgeous "beach wave curls" ~ lucky girl!).

These are her natural spiral curls (pre-first haircut)

In preparation for a school performance last week, while other girls in her class were brushing their hair straight, my daughter was curling hers around her fingers. She said she wished her hair looked like it did while we were in St. Lucia. (I think she misses the beach!)

When I used to work on film sets, I learned a few hair tricks from celebrity stylists on ways to create curls or volume without damaging the hair with hot curling irons. So I was eager to "bring curly back" for my daughter, without damaging her hair.   I went to my local Beauty Supply Outlet, a one-stop beauty supply store with employees who offer expert advice, for some some guidance and tools of the trade.

I wanted to ensure my daughter’s hair was protected, even if I was going to use very little heat, and conveniently there were lots of top brands to choose from for heat protectants (CHI, Rusk and Biosilk make the best ones in the market, according to top beauty magazines).  Another customer overheard my concern and said she swears by the CHI Silk Infusion and remarked that she found the best prices in the city right in this store, especially during their Red Hot Deals specials (good to know for my next beauty haul!)

BEFORE:  Her current silky hair in it's natural state.

When I got home, my daughter was eager to try out these new rollers, so we started with the Velcro ones (the salon quality ones by Dannyco), since it is recommended for use in dry hair.  I lightly massaged some heat protectant in the palms of my hands, coated my daughter’s hair, and then began our experiment.

Instructions:  1.  Brush the hair and separate into 2 inch wide sections. 2.  Coat the hair with a heat protectant.  (CHI, RUSK or Biosilk make good ones).  3.  From the bottom of the hair, gently roll the Velcro roller to the scalp.  4.  Using a blow dryer, heat the Velcro rollers (I used the cool/warm setting as I was afraid to burn her scalp.  However, you can also use hair spray and the hot temperature to make the curl last longer). The heat allows the hair follicles to expand which helps the curl last longer.  5.  Let the hair cool, then remove the rollers.

Although the Velcro rollers didn’t give her spiral curls, when brushed out, it created a lot of volume (I think I’ve found something that is good for me!).

That evening, after her shower, I put heat protectant in her hair again, and this time we tried the sponge rollers (by Dannyco, they look like those long rods you see in the salons).

Instructions:  1.  Have your hair washed and dried so the hair is slightly damp.  2.  Brush out the hair.  2.  Section 2” of hair and place the sponge rod half way from the head.  3.   Wind the bottom of the hair around the rod.  4.  Roll the rod towards the scalp.  5.  Once you reach the roots, fold the two ends of the together. 6.  Dry the hair (with a diffuser) or sleep with it over night. (hairspray before drying if you’re going out afterwards). 7.  Gently unroll to remove the sponge rollers/rods.  

I think we found our solution.  The sponge rods created beautiful spiral curls without damaging her hair.  When my daughter saw the results, her face lit up.  As I watched her smile and pose in front of the mirror, for a brief moment it seemed like she was transported back to the beach with her “beach wave curls”.

And for a brief moment, I too, was transported back to when she first had those baby curls, and I smiled knowing that she is still that little girl…unspoiled, natural and so beautiful.

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