Friday, March 30, 2012

playing with paper dolls

When I was a little girl, one of my favourite "toys" were paper dolls.  I'd put outfits together based on the limited choices of skirts, tops, shoes for my little doll.  Now, my daughter has "Polly Pockets".  Very similar in idea, but these miniature dolls (about the size of my index finger!) have various rubbery outfits were you can easily change outfits. 

Now, whenever I need a little break...a diversion where I can fantasize and briefly indulge in my vanity...I find myself "playing" on Polyvore.  Although this site has been around for quite awhile, whenever I need a fashion "fix" (usually when the seasons begin to change) it's a place where I can indulge.  And since spring is finally here...well, let's just say I've been distracted!

Polyvore is a fun site where you can browse, assemble and buy (if you wish) the latest fashion.  It's a fashionista's highly addictive version of paper dolls.  From a huge inventory of clothing (pictures that are either uploaded by members or yourself from any website) you can pick and choose select articles of clothing and create an outfit. 

Vanity aside, I found this was very helpful while I was trying to pack for our vacation, since most of my spring/summer clothes were in storage. I was able to assemble what I was going to bring, and I didn't have to lug out all of my clothes out of storage to "see" what I was going to wear (I'm a visual person). It was also easy to plan my vacation wardrobe away from home 

Doing this ensemble online also gave me new ideas of putting together outfits using existing clothes in my also helped "test" outfits to see how the latest trends fit in with my current wardrobe (so I can say yay or nay to the latest coloured jean!).

For the shopaholics, it's guilt-free shopping...cost effective if you don't hit the "purchase" button.   I'm not sure if this will actually curb my buying impulses, at least this transported me back to the little girl, with fantasy dress up...playing with (online) paper dolls!

What I'd wear to the Oscars~ Alexander McQueen

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