Friday, March 23, 2012

be our guest

One of the places we've always wanted to visit was Bora Bora in the French Polynesian islands (it was on our list for our honeymoon, but timing didn't quite work out).

Since Disney is all about fantasy, we booked our stay at the Polynesian resort and were curious to see what Disney's interpretation of French Polynesian was.  (and since we're not going to Bora Bora just yet, we might as well get "taste of it" here...well that was my argument).  

French Polynesia, also known as “Tahiti and Her Islands,” encompasses volcanic islands of great beauty and tiny atolls scattered across the eastern South Pacific Ocean, distant from all civilisation. These idyllic islands have captured the imagination of the world since the very first European explorers arrived on these sunny shores in the 18th century. {source}

I think the Polynesian resort captured the essence of the islands, with the lush tropical trees surrounding resort, the volcano inspired pool area, and the waterfalls throughout the guest areas.

Our second choice was the Grand Floridian...we got to visit this lovely resort while we had breakfast at the 1900 Park Fare (the Mad Hatter Tea party breakfast with the Alice in Wonderland characters).  It definitely felt more upscale (I think my husband would have preferred to stay here instead), but I thought it suited the honeymooners and seniors that visited Disney...I couldn't imagine the kids "flip flopping" through the lobby from the beach to the room!  Definitely a place to consider if we return with teenagers...

Disney's Polynesian resort had a relaxing island feel to it, which the kids found very appealing since most of their fondest vacation memories were at the beach.   

Although the rooms didn't quite reflect the exotic nature of the exterior, you couldn't beat the location (it was about 10 minutes away from Magic Kingdom via monorail, ferry or bus!). The staff was very friendly, and always greeted us with "Aloha"...we felt very comfortable and relaxed, and always felt like a pampered guest.

The kids said this was "just like a beach resort !!! ", and the Polynesia was a great choice for a family with young kids.  Hopefully one day we will visit the real Polynesian islands...and truly feel like welcomed guests like we did at Disney.

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