Monday, March 26, 2012

it's good to be at home

It's funny how when you go on vacation or travel anywhere, I often hear (mostly from parents with young children)... "I need a vacation AFTER the vacation".

It's true.  Although we had special, relaxing times by the pool, beach, and spending time with family at lovely shows or dinner, it's the preparation to get there and back that sometimes can make vacations more like work.  We were very blessed to be able to go on our vacation RIGHT BEFORE the spring break, so we didn't have to dive back into the schedules when we returned, and was able to transition slowly back to our daily lives (like cooking instead of going to restaurants!).

I'm not complaining...I am very grateful that we got to go to a lovely destination with hot weather, and great times with family.  And although it Disney was a magical place, there really is nothing better than to "be at home".  

As a welcome back surprise, last week I was featured on "Be @ Home's Best of the Web" series.  Thank you to all my readers who continually support this blog.  And thank you, "Be @ Home", for the lovely gesture and honour!  

You can see my blog featured here, at "Be @ Home".

It's GREAT to be home!

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