Wednesday, July 24, 2013

toying with the new

When we had to clear out our basement to renovate, some of the old toys had to go.  And as each toy was removed, I had a distinct memory with each of felt like just yesterday my kids were playing with those preschool toys. Each toy carefully chosen to stimulate imagination and transport my children to a fantasy world where they can become someone else for a moment in time.  Discover their wishes, fulfill their dreams.

It was a kid's dream come true this past weekend, when we were recently invited to  Walmart's "Great Big Toy Testing Event", to test new toys for the annual "Top Toy List" for the upcoming holiday season. It was a needed break from paint and building dust from our renovations as we were able to transport ourselves to (what seemed like) The Land of Candyland, but with the latest and coolest toys that haven't even arrived on the store shelves yet.

Each child was able to play and give feedback on what they liked and didn't like.  It reminded me of that scene in the movie, "Big" when Tom Hanks was hired to play with toys and give feedback on what he thinks will sell or not.  My kids felt like mini moguls...deciding on the fate of each toy that may (or may not) appear on the shelves.  They were also filmed playing with some of the fun is that?

With each toy, I could see my children slowly transform themselves...getting lost in the world of play.  Of course, there were they kept coming back to over and over again.

My son became a Star Wars Jedi and was very eager to play with the lightsaber (and take on any Jedi challengers).

And he became an engineer, building the latest Star Wars ship out of Lego.

Although we already have a dog, my daughter was fascinated with this robot version, and wanted to "give it a nice home". I have a funny feeling she'll be rescuing many animals someday...

...or designing the latest fashion outfit.

While my husband and I were "toying" with new tiles, carpet and furniture, our kids had the chance to toy with!  As we remove the old, we'll be making room for the new (and I now know what to put on our holiday wish list!).  With this new fresh start, we'll be transported once again...

...and we'll have fun like kids in a toy store...enjoying our new ride.

{A great big thank you to Susie for inviting us to take a break from our renos, and giving the kids the opportunity to play with new and exciting toys.}

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