Wednesday, July 10, 2013

standing in the dark

Mom, what's that "swooshy gushy" sound?

While we were eating dinner, we watched out of our window as the water gushed at us like a runaway garden hose, our big old maple tree sway back and forth in the torrential rain storm.  It survived the hurricane-like storm last November, but we wondered if we'd have the same lucky fate again this time around, and have only a few fallen branches to contend with.

After each bite, we'd peek out the window to look at that tree.  That wonderful 20yr+ old tree.  The tree that has provided us so much shade and refuge from the heat in the summer.  But all of a sudden, after a thunderous clap and a bright lightening flash, the fury of the rain started to worry us towards the basement to seek a different refuge.

That's when we saw it.  A miniature lake that filled half of our basement.  And more of that "swooshy gushy" water sound.   As soon as we took one more step, the house went completely dark.

We decided to head back up and hunker down in the kitchen.  Luckily just before the rain turned for the worse, I remembered the tip I learned from the last storm and brought in my solar garden lights, lit one soothing candle,  poured some wine and wondered how we'll start all over again in that basement.

Our basement.  A little family retreat that we took for granted...a place where we'd venture down to hang out and watch movies together as a family, popcorn all over the floor, slight dents in the wall from where the kids threw balls and toys when they were little.  So many memories of when they were little.

While the kids had fun tracking the weather radar on the laptop, I followed more important news on Twitter and started my reluctant, unplanned renovation journey on Pinterest to find inspiration to create a space for this new chapter of childhood memories.

As the rain started to slow down, the power came back on.  We felt confident that the worst was over, (at least the worst of the storm) and we started our bedtime routine.  After the kids went to sleep, I looked outside our window one more time, and was reminded that we could have suffered a very different fate.  There stood that strong, amazing maple tree, defiant with whatever storm decided to challenge it, and it still remained tall and stoic.

I blew out our candle and said a thankful prayer.  We were fortunate that we didn't lose everything, like those who suffered in the Calgary Floods. And although we now begin the cost inhibiting, time consuming, distracting journey of repairing our basement...just like our tree, we will be defiant to the challenge...

...and remain tall, stoic and strong.

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