Wednesday, April 11, 2012

simple year later

It is quite poignant for me that we just celebrated a glorious Easter with family and loved ones...a time that represents rebirth, rejuvenation...a new beginning.   

At this time of new beginnings,  yesterday was also the one year anniversary of simply beautiful now. (you can read my very first post here, "Simple Beginnings" ). 

It is quite hard to imagine that a year has gone by already. What started as something to share my thoughts and inspirations and to share what I've learned on my amazing journey of simplifying my life has introduced me to people and experiences that I have never imagined.

simply beautiful now was named "Best of the Web", featured {here}

It also has awakened a different sense of purpose for me, a personal one that for the longest time was mostly reserved for my children, husband, family and friends.

I'll admit it...sometimes it feels like this blog has turned into a full time job...meeting deadlines in my head to ensure that I have something up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I'm not sure if that schedule will continue, but for now, it has helped discipline and hone my writing skills, and has reminded me to view the world with a different (camera) lens. And I've rediscovered my passion for photography again...something I truly loved as a little girl, and seem to have passed on to my kids.  (Although to be honest, I'm not sure if it's the photography that inspires me or if it's the attempt of capturing a keep forever.)

Above all, what keeps me going with my writing, is appreciating that this as a wonderful way to document our lives.  It is a lens to view what is happening around us...observations which I hope will also help others find beauty in the simplicity of life.  This year, I've listened and learned what resonates with people around me...precious people I love so dearly, and those I haven't even met, but share a similar passion.  

I've learned that you love simple projects that can make a diamond in the rough, shine.
DIY Chair Transformation featured in this {post}

I've learned that sometimes the best recipes derive from tastes that evoke memories...not what's in a Martha Stewart magazine.
Pineapple Squares featured in this {post}

And although sometimes I wonder if anyone is really reading, I am often validated with a flood of emails responding to personal stories of triumph...or just simple lessons of life.

Our New York visit to Ground Zero, featured in this {post}

And when I share beautiful images of things I dream inspires the imagination, and I know it resonates as it is re-shared to so many more people who follow me on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

My dream Georgian home, featured in this {post}.

I often feel a little guilty for waxing poetic about the amazing people and moments around me, so in appreciation, I give a little gift to my readers....a recipe, tip, DIY or review of the latest movie/book/ a thank you for letting me indulge. So, after a year long journey, with my new found knowledge, I'd like to think I've found an even simpler way to share my discoveries....more recipes, DIY tips or just smiles for you to take with you.

On Mondays, I will share a simple  observation...whether it's something I've read, experienced, seen or felt.  On Wednesdays, I will share beautiful  things that I've stumbled upon that reflect my observations.  And on Fridays, I will provide something a little more tangible...a recipe, craft or DIY that have been inspired by the weeks' observations, something you can

So here's a big cheers for one year.  I hope you continue with me as we continue to embark on finding the simple path to beauty.

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