Wednesday, April 18, 2012

curated antiques

{source: Traditional Home}

I love the term curated antiques.  It's a term that is often used by interior designers or purveyors of fine furniture...and I love the fact that antiques, like fine art, are curated.  True antiques are coveted because it's worth depends on their age.  And the older they are, the more beautiful they seem.  Every detail is admired for it's craftmanship...of a time when details were carefully carved into wood, and the time spent shows patience, love for the art, and a graceful beauty that will stand the test of time.

{Source: House Beautiful}

From an interior design perspective, there is something so calming and at the same time, orderly about classic design.  It is probably because it is orderly, that we know what to expect. That there is discipline.  However, what adds texture or character to a room are the long loved treasures...something with memories or history.  And antiques are that element that tells a story.

I love how this seemingly modern space is infused with a rustic antique this room character and dimension.
{Source: Vicente Wolfe}

Charm is created when you mix old world and modern world.  Mixing classic subway tile and marble counters with a statement piece like the antique lantern creates such a lived in, old world feeling.
{Source: Tommy Smythe}

Or sometimes all you need is just a simple antique statement place the weight of importance in this  glamourous hall.

{Source: Andreas Trauttmansdorff photography}

I think as time moves forward, I start to look for things that are not just pretty and new, but would also bring something into the home...a story to it.  Like beautiful, curated antiques.

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