Wednesday, December 07, 2011

something to hold on to

My husband likes to say I “over produce” everything.  I guess I am the type of person who, when tackling a project or a task, I give it my best…my all.

Although that sounds like a wonderful attribute, I have to admit, it can be at times, paralyzing.  With our data access at almost over capacity, my computer has been quite slow lately…largely due to the fact that I have over 9000 photographs on my computer.  And my computer is not even a year old!

According to Facebook, on average over 250 million photographs are uploaded each day.

I wonder if in this "Facebook era", do we take millions of pictures to
boast what we’ve done or seen.  Or do we do it to remember it?  It might be a little bit of both, but I’d like to hope that people photograph obsessively because we love to share.  For me, there are so many beautiful things that I see, things my children do, special “Kodak moments” that I want to capture, that I want to hold onto it forever. 

I think keeping these memories are a gift.  When I look at past photographs, I’m thankful that I've documented everything and have memories to share as a gift for others.

Quick and Easy Photo Gift Card holder

Print a sheet of paper with your message.
Take as many photographs of your loved ones holding the greeting sign.  Print the photograph.
Attach the gift card using tape, or cutting out around the hands, so the card fits into the slits.

Enjoy the gift of giving.

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