Friday, December 09, 2011

let it snow

As we approach Christmas, we start to prepare ourselves for winter weather.  Some parts of Canada already have snow, and lots of it, but according to The Weather Network , for where I live, we should brace ourselves and get our shovels ready for a lot of snow this winter.

I never used to like the snow, but I think I’ve slowly changed my tune. I like it during the holidays when the kids aren’t in school, so I don’t have to drive frantically in it.  (although as soon as school begins in the New Year, I would like the snow to disappear). 

I think now as a parent, I can appreciate the beauty of glistening, fresh, powdery snow.  When it falls lightly from the sky… and you stick your tongue out…pure childhood magic.

It’s that childhood magic that has helped me appreciate the snow more.  Making snowmen, igloos, snow angels.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like bundling all of us up with snowsuits, jackets, scarves and all the paraphernalia that goes with winter wardrobes.  

However, now that our kids have learned to ski, we now have a new family sport.  If it means we get more time to spend together, enjoying the outdoors…well...bring on the snow!

Easy Snowflake Wreath
This craft takes about 5 minutes to do, assuming you have a hot glue gun.  I saw this project here, and thought...I have those snowflake ornaments!  The snowflake ornaments are flat, and can be found at most craft or dollar stores.  I attached another snowflake with ribbon below the wreath, to fit my long windows.

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