Friday, September 30, 2011

you're welcome

It's amazing how sometimes a simple door or window can attract or welcome you to enter.  I am obsessed with beautiful doors, especially old antique solid wood ones.  It creates a sense of boundaries, yet with it's tempts you to enter and hopefully meet an equally warm greeting.

I could say the same about store shops.  Of course, I couldn't write about New York without talking about the shopping.  Ohhh, the shopping.  How my husband was amazingly very very patient, and waited while I checked out a few places.  Some piqued his interest...some, not so much.  

But I think it's all in how you're welcomed into the door.  There were many  beautiful and unique displays in and around the city, and even my husband appreciated the craftsmanship of some of the displays, and entered the store.  Like a museum, it creates a sense of respect for the art.  No large, sales-manic crowds in the stores.  No pushing or shoving.  Just a stillness to allow you to appreciate what's inside.  

Although I've visited both beautiful and some generic stores in NY, the stores my husband was least frustrated in visiting were the ones with artistic displays.  A welcome reprieve from the crowds, to enjoy the art, and to enjoy the wait. 

 And for his patience, I am forever thankful for.

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