Wednesday, August 28, 2013


When staying at a nice hotel, it's the refined touches that turn it from a 3 star to a 5 star experience.  The friendliness of the people that greet you...not making you feel like a customer but a welcomed VIP guest.  The quality of those little soaps and shampoos (they do say a lot), and the little extras that define a hotel as more than just a bed to sleep's a luxurious getaway.

This year is a special year.  Both my husband's company Delvinia, as well as our marriage, is celebrating it's 15th anniversary, and enjoying luxurious getaways played a large part in how we celebrated those milestones.  There are so many similarities between marriage and business, and I've often joked that his business partner is similar to having a spouse. There is a careful balance of personalities, building on each other's strengths, supporting each other's weaknesses and respecting each other's differences.  Most importantly, it is being determined to stick together through thick and thin...a testament to committing to a common goal which ultimately helps both a marriage and a business thrive through the best as well as endure the most difficult times.

A few weeks ago,  Delvinia hosted a 1950's Havana Style Summer Soiree and staged a "luxury hotel" to celebrate this monumental anniversary.  At this event, I couldn't help but see the similarities of this hotel themed party to having a business and marriage...both with goals of building the best experience, whether it's a customer experience in business or a beautiful experience in our personal life journey.

There were symbolic elements at the party that reflect the parallels of what makes both a business and a marriage solid and long lasting....elements that have helped both Delvinia and our marriage last fifteen years.

It's in the details

The event planners paid extreme attention to little details...thoughtful touches that turned this from a generic, just-go-through-the-motions event to something more personal. From the realistic projection of the ocean at the windows which felt like we were in paradise, not in the middle of the city (the screen image changed from daylight to sunset as the evening progressed), hair and makeup touch-up stations (how thoughtful!), Cuban cigar rolling stations (very cool!) and of course, the subtle "D" (for the Delvinia logo) unobtrusively placed in various locations...small but meaningful touches that is a constant reminder of their presence.  It shows that thought and care went into even the littlest of little kisses that greet you in the morning or a brief touch on the shoulder to indicate you're right there within reach.


Something just for you

There was a delicious, customized signature drink, "La Delvinia Franbruesa", made especially for the guests.   Although this drink may seem like a small detail, I likened it to a little diamond wedding ring, symbolizing something more special...a personal, customized memento to show the importance of commitment to the relationship. Something just between us...that no uninvited guest or bystander can experience.

We're in this together

I was amazed at how many guests participated and dressed according to the theme of the party. Everyone seemed to relish in dressing the part, dressed in white linen and/or lime (the party's signature colours) or 1950's Havana style, and you can feel the energy in the everyone was part of one big family.  Like employees of a company with the same vision, or a family united in love and respect, sharing the same life morals and is this common goal, the significant glue, the bond...that keeps both a business and marriage intact.  Knowing that we're together, whether in person or in spirit.

Fifteen years is a testament to the longevity, the vision and staying power to drive through both prosperous and difficult times.  This is my anniversary wish, for my husband both personally and continue this beautiful, most wonderful and amazing journey together...for many more years to come.

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