Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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According to research at top wedding sites, the most popular time of the year to get engaged is in December.  With so many sales promotions enticing us to buy for jewelry for the holidays, it's no wonder that it's a good time of year to buy that one special piece of jewelry...the diamond engagement ring.  And despite the economy, it seems that people are actually spending more than ever for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion of a wedding.  According to the statistics, couples are spending on average $30,000+(US) for their nuptials.

The other weekend, I caught a glimpse of a television show that followed a celebrity bride (a morning talk show host) who hired a wedding coordinator to plan every little detail of her wedding.   He chose the most expensive ribbon to tie around her flowers.  The flowers had to be flown in from a specific location because they perfectly matched the decor.  A dance floor had to be re-constructed because it "wasn't perfect".  Her eyes almost popped out of her head when her coordinator presented her with the six-figure dollar invoice. "The wedding has to be right", he exclaimed.  I'm sure the wedding coordinator of last year's over-the-top, 10 million dollar "celebrity" wedding would agree.  A 65 carat bridal headpiece, an homage to Audrey Hepburn, was apparently worn by that bride {source}. This for a marriage that lasted for a mere 72 days.

Is it me, or have weddings become more like a broadway production?  And are the grooms becoming less and less part of this "production"? Maybe as I watch all these wedding shows, I'm prematurely worried.  I couldn't help but wonder...what kind of bride would my daughter be someday...and how much would it cost?

Although I agree that a wedding is one of the most special moments of a lifetime, sometimes I wonder if all those sparkly details of the event overshadows the reason why you're there in the first witness that "sparkly look" in the newlywed's eyes.  I don't know if having a diamond encrusted tiara like a princess necessarily means you'll "live happily ever after".

As Christmas comes to a near, I think back to when my husband proposed to me (yes, it was in the month of December), and all the planning...not just our wedding, but planning our lives together.  It was that kind of planning that made us a team.  Although we have a long time to worry about our kid's weddings...I hope that they remember the reason for having a wedding in the first place...a union of love between a couple, the start of a beautiful journey.  And that your family and friends will join in that journey, no matter what designer cake or dress is at the wedding.

Although there may not be any diamonds under the Christmas tree this year, after more than a decade of marriage, I can look back to when my husband proposed and smile.   And say that we are living..."happily ever after".  And no tiara was required.

DIY Tiffany Inspired Christmas Decor

After browsing the beautiful jewelry at the Tiffany's website, I was inspired to re-create that beautiful blue hue in our home this Christmas.  It's amazing what a small can of spray paint can transform.  The closest colour to that "Tiffany" blue, is Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze. (found at your local hardware store...I bought mine at Canadian Tire for $5).

Here's the transformations...

Here's an old dollar store pail that held cake pops from my husband's company Christmas party last year.

Here's my old, weathered ornaments from last year, now rejuvenated.

And here's an old cookie tin...with a plain white ribbon, tied like the iconic Tiffany boxes...

It goes to show that you don't need to spend a lot of money to look like a million!

With some ingenuity and using old ornaments and items around the house, our Tiffany inspired tree is complete.

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