Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the simple five

Keeping to the heart of the reason behind why I've created this blog,  I've been developing a new series called "The Simple Five".  Don't worry...I'll still write stories that document our life's beautiful moments and share my favourite (but maybe more complicated) recipes, DIY and how-to-tips, but I thought it would make it easier for all of you, my lovely readers, if I curated all things that are less complicated in this brand new series.

"The Simple Five" will specialize in easy recipes, DIY, how-to-tips, or just my favourite "must haves" that will either use less than five ingredients, five products, take less than five minutes or take less than five steps..."simple fives" to help make it just a little easier to make your day move forward in our busy lives.  

Simply easy approaches that make our lives beautiful so we can enjoy right now .  Stay tuned for more!

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