Sunday, June 15, 2014

d is for dad

I love to watch my kids with their Dad.  He has such amazing grace and ease with them, and their relationship is filled with love, laughter and giggles.

It goes without saying that my husband plays such a huge role in our children's lives, and I see a lot of his special qualities in our kids:  leadership, intelligence, kindness and understanding.  

One of his favourite Father's Day gift from the kids was a "secret" year-long project (we dubbed it "project D") that the kids concocted last year...something special that showed how they cherish him, not just on Father's Day, birthdays or other special occasions...but every day, every season, all year long.

When he opened the framed photo, he cherished knowing we were dedicated to complete our "project" for him, wherever we were together as a family. Whether we were on our family vacation on the beach...

...or after a day of skiing together...

...or just hanging out in our backyard...

...we cherished our time together.  I think their Father's Day gift was worth a thousand words.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. this is lovely! even i love to watch my kids with their dad, they have such a strong and loveliest relation that makes me really really happy... adorable kids.. :)


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