Wednesday, December 11, 2013

apples to apples

When I was asking our son what he wanted for Christmas, he rhymed off a few things on his list, but he appeared most interested in getting a new board game.  So when Mattel sent the "Game On" box for us to try a few of their games, my son was thrilled...the first game he wanted to play was "Apples to Apples".

It was new game (to me), but my son mentioned that a classmate brought it along on their school overnight camping trip earlier this year, and it was something that the kids really enjoyed playing.  It was one of the best "quiet time" activities they had during their trip.

So when I opened the box, my son explained the rules of the game, and we played a few rounds.  Our daughter was off at a playdate, so I didn't think this would last too long, but it easily became an addictive game, and I knew this would be a classic family game to play over the holidays.

Since that night, my son has asked (almost pleaded) to play the game with us again and again. Unfortunately our schedule was too busy for all of us to sit together for any extended period of time, so we had to wait until this past weekend, when all four of us were able to sit together.

What started out as a quick ½ hour session to teach our daughter how to play the game, turned into an afternoon of family bonding.  It was so nice to see the kids OFF of their electronic devices, even for just a few hours.  We had hot cocoa and great conversation, and now I know why our son had insisted that we play "Apples to Apples".

It reminded him of all the quiet times we spend together, like we do at the cottage, sipping hot cocoa and just relying on each other's personalities and wit to keep each other company and entertained.  Just like his school trip, it created a wonderful moment to remember, a peaceful time without drama or stress.

Now it's clear why my son wanted a board game.  Although the flashy electronic devices are a lot of fun (yes, those were on his list too!), the board game gave us quality time to spend together as a family.  

And no other electronic toy can really compare to that.

A great big thank you to Carli for providing the Mattel "Game On" Box for our family to enjoy.  Visit Mattel for more board games for great family Christmas gift ideas.

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