Wednesday, September 25, 2013

walk the walk

As a family who loves an adventure, we are very fortunate to have happy healthy children who can participate in many active outdoor activities.  As my kids jump and play, so very often as parents, we worry if they'll land on their two feet...or fall.

I think it's the "fall" part that worries most parents.  As much as we do everything that we can to give our children the best we can afford...provide lots of healthy meals, give them opportunities to explore the world, and provide a warm and loving home to rest or express their dreams and worries, often that isn't enough to ensure our children will aways be happy, safe or healthy forever.

Sometimes I think of those parents, who've relied on medical staff and resources to help their own children (as I've written in my post, here), as they go through many emotional, physical and financial struggles that are companions to their children's dire medical needs. How do they do it?

This Saturday September 28, our family along with my husband's company, Delvinia & Asking Canadians, will be participating in The Great Camp Adventure, a 20km camp-themed challenge-by-choice adventure walk to help raise money and awareness to support the SickKids hospital's most urgent needs and support those parents who rely on them.

Although we've never had to use the services of SickKids Hospital, to be honest, it's comforting to know that they're there.  We have been long supporters of the Sick Kids Foundation and it means a lot to us to contribute to the efforts that strive to provide better, healthier lives for kids everywhere.  I'm grateful that our kids are healthy and strong right now, however one never knows what lies ahead, and making sure the SickKids Hospital has all the necessary resources is just one more way I feel ensured that our children will be supported in case they don't "land on their two feet".

I can't wait for our family to experience our first family walkathon.  I can't wait for the kids to experience first hand, that no matter who falls, we're there to support and encourage, to help each other stay or get back up on two together, we can walk the walk.

SickKids Foundation

To donate to our family's walkathon team, click here:  The Great Camp Adventure

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