Wednesday, March 06, 2013

it's all about perspective

One of our goals as a family, is to visit as many places in the world as possible.  Before having kids, my husband and I travelled around Europe, the Caribbean as well as locally in North America.  Our love for travel has definitely rubbed off on our kids.

As much as I am a strong believer that solid academics are important for children to learn at school, it's what they learn outside of school that also makes a great impact.  I am a huge advocate of the whole child approach...building the mind, body and soul.  And the "soul" part is learned through experience...seeing first hand how other people around the world live and prosper.  

There is so much to learn about the world that just can't be learned by watching documentaries or reading books. (although that helps!)  It's the experience, the senses that you get when you visit a foreign land...the smell, the taste, the feel.  This is why I believe travelling provides children with a different perspective of cultures...sometimes it's that understanding, the empathy of witnessing how others live that can help you empathize with new people that you meet here at home.  

I often like taking the kids "sightseeing" in our own city.  Trying to experience our city again as if it's for the first time.  Often, we'd meet real visitors who are vacationing in our city, and it often provides an eye-opening looking at yourself through their eyes!

Another great way to view things for the first time is to re-imagine what is in front of you as part of "perspective photography"...creating a visual perception of the way objects appear based on how close it is to the camera relative to the object of your photographs.  It makes you stop and really look at a place, time or just a statue in a different, creative way.  And photographing the kids in different scenarios is a great way to spend fun, creative time with each'd be surprised how quickly the time passes when they are looking for ways to ham it up for the camera!

And that is what travelling, whether it is abroad or in your own city means to me.  Looking at things with a different perspective and understanding, being creative with what you see, and having really being present in the moment.

When my kids explore, whether it's here or abroad, being in front or behind the camera, it's as if the world is in their hands.

Hope you enjoy your March Break!

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