Wednesday, July 04, 2012

strength and independence

Today is a day I'm thinking of a friend who's son is moving to another country to live with his father.  It's a heartbreaking situation, and she is working towards keeping it together for her young daughter who is still living with her.

There are other sad stories I've heard lately...just this past weekend, a teenaged girl was killed in a car accident as she and her group of friends were on their way home from their weekend getaway...a post-graduation celebration.

And a good friend of my in-laws was just diagnosed with colon cancer.  

I think of how quickly life can turn in a different direction in an instant, and how small we humans really are in the grande scheme of things.  Today, there will be an announcement of the "God particle", which is thought to have answers to understanding mass and order to the universe.

Although that is an amazing scientific discovery, I think this week, all three families above will be seeking different answers.  All three situations above are vastly different, but there is an underlying notion that the loved ones left behind are trying to seeking answers of strength.  That they are now wondering what independence will entail.  How to fight to keep your loved ones with you, or cope with worry or sadness when they are no longer there.

So, it is fitting that this week, with Canada Day on July 1 and Independence Day (in the US) on July 4, that we think of all those who are struggling with independence.  Those who seek jobs so their family can be financially independent.  Those who seek medical solutions so they can be physically independent.  Or those who just need help them find strength and spiritual independence.

There is light at the end of the tunnel...and I hope they find the path to peace and happiness.

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