Monday, January 02, 2012

champagne dreams

This year, we had our usual low key New Year's Eve gathering.  Good friends, neighbours and children gathering, enjoying a casual time, having great conversation and comforting food.

We watched the perennial New York/Times Square ball countdown as we rang in the new year.  My husband and I were at that very spot in Times Square a few months ago, and we thought, some day when our kids are older, we'd love to go celebrate one New Year's Eve right there.

This year seems to be the year for travel.  A few nights ago, we had dinner with friends who's own grown children were travelling abroad, and we thought that's something we'd like to do more of as a family...setting a tone for our children to seek the world, learn about different cultures and experience things that no school could ever teach.

I don't believe in"new year's resolutions", however, I do believe in reflecting on where we've been, and re-evaluating the path for where we're going.  And although our dreams of travel come with a hefty price tag, we can still dream about far away destinations, and learn about the world, wherever we go.

Non-Alcoholic Mimosa

This is the easiest drink in the world that my husband whipped together.  On New Year's Day, we had a huge brunch, and served French Toast, Bacon and Eggs with our kid friendly mimosas...we used a peach flavoured non-alcoholic yummy, like Fuzzy Navels without the alcohol...good for any celebration!

1 cup of orange juice
1 cup of non alcoholic champagne

Mix and toast!

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