Monday, October 10, 2011

give us this day...

Our son wrote a poem about the Fall season at school, and I found it quite moving and apropos for today, Thanksgiving Monday.  Here's an excerpt...


Fall is a very balanced time of life. The air is never too hot or cold. The dirt is both wet and dry. The outdoors of fall is a blessed time.
It is a time of friends, family, school and fun. It gives you freedom and time to enjoy creation, like trees, grass and clouds. It's a fresh graceful time for learning and playing, planting and seeding, and especially living. When leaves fall and change colour and birds start singing songs, it is a sign of fall.

There are many different roots of fall like harvest, balance, world and grace. There are only a few bad things about fall like bugs and colds and allergies, but they all have their place in the fall.

The change of fall, the roots of fall, the cool of fall , the great of fall. It is an all important part of God's never ending, on-going, greatest, coolest, unimaginable, unforgettable universe, starting with the season of...Fall!!!

I think we have another writer in the family!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Love your sons poem....just beautiful......Feel free to visit my blog if you get a chance.


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