Wednesday, February 10, 2016

simple classroom valentines

I've forgone the idea of baking classroom treats for this Friday's Valentine's Day classroom party.  (I call the Friday before Valentine's Day, "Sugar Rush Kids" Day).

To add fuel to the fire, sort of speak, I created a simple Valentine greeting to attach to the candy.  It's really quite simple...just create a table, and write the greeting in each box.  I made of play of words using the candy logos for the Valentine greeting...printed, cut and taped to the candy wrapper.  Voila, done!

Attached are free printables of the my can easily adapt or make your own.

Classroom Valentines Candy Wrapper Printable

Print out as many as your classroom requires.  The kids can sign their own names or you can add it on the label before you print.  Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day!