Thursday, August 21, 2014

smooth beginnings

As Labour Day approaches, the class lists and school supplies released by the school gives us a gentle reminder that summer break is almost over and we'll need to start preparing for our usual routine once again.  It's a time of year that brings jitters to many bellies (including mine) as we anticipate new beginnings with new friends, new grades, new classrooms and work.

Around this time of year, back to school promotions start telling you what you need to buy to look good on the outside (new clothes, backpacks, shoes), but rarely do they promote things that will help you feel good on the inside.  Here's a few unique things to prepare you or your little ones before they head back to the big first day. They're not your typical supplies, but they are fabulous resources to help your family slowly transition to the new school year...making the new beginnings start just a little smoother.

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Book: "Scaredies Away!" A book that helps manage anxiety.  Aimed at 6-12-years-olds, Scardies Away! uses the Magic Finger Countdown to teach kids how to deal with their anxiety. While it seems like a simple method, the technique is steeped in Cognitive Behavioural Theory—which is the most widely used and effective treatment for anxiety and panic. Beautifully illustrated, Scaredies Away! is an important book dealing with childhood anxiety.  Available though Amazon.

You can create your custom order here: LostMyName
Book: "The Girl (or Boy) Who Lost Her/His Name"  For little ones who are still learning to write their name, this is a whimsical book that is customized to incorporate your child's name into the story.  What a great way for your child to remember how to spell his/her name!  Although my daughter is past that stage, she loved the beautiful illustrations.  You can create your custom order at

Free App:  Many schools request up to date immunizations before enrolling or beginning a new grade, so this app helps you keep up to date so you know which ones you're due for and which ones you can wait until later.  With the ever changing requirements for immunizations, this is a convenient app to help you stay on top of your family's health.

As much as I don't really want to think about the end of summer since the break has been so good to us, I've slowly admitted to myself that it's really time to start thinking about going back to our routine, and hopefully these resources will help conquer those butterflies in the stomach, and help you start the new school year smoothly.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer break!

{DisclaimerThank you to the authors of "Scaredies Away!" and "Lost My Name" for providing the books for review and to Immunize Canada for introducing the immunization app.  Opinions are my own.